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Lemyka Skincare Solutions

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Lemyka Skincare Solutions is a provider of premium natural and organic skincare products

ideal for sensitive & problematic skin

Free of Parabens, steroids, heavy metals, artificial fragrances/dyes

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Baby Skincare Safety

Are the current skincare products you use right for your baby?
Are they safe and free of any harmful ingredients? 
Are they gentle and free of skin irritants
Have they gone through heavy metal and microbial testing to demonstrate ultimate safety?
All LeMyka Natural Skincare Products have passed such testing through third party labs.
Our products are designed to meet your baby's special needs and offer protection to your baby's delicate skin.


Baby Skincare Safety

It is important to realize that baby skincare is not only skin deep, but reaches to the rest of the body. Fact: the skin is our largest organ. A fraction of what we apply topically on daily basis will end up inside of our body despite our skin's own defense.  What kind of ingredients are likely to end up inside the body? Are these ingredients going to harm your skin? Over time, will your health be affected? More importantly, will your baby’s health be affected? Baby has higher skin area to body weight ratio compare to that of the adult, therefore, as a parent it’s crucially important to stay informed and vigilant about baby skincare product safety. Product safety and quality is our number one priority. We have gone through stringent selection of each ingredient in LEMYKA products. All LEMYKA Skincare products are manufactured in the USA. Furthermore, we test our skincare products through third party laboratory to show that our products are free of heavy metals and harmful microbials. We have gone the extra mile because we want you to feel confident and comfortable to choose LEMYKA products for your baby. 

It is our mission to provide extensive knowledge about how to improve your baby's skin conditions and how to keep skin looking healthy and vibrant and how to avoid potentially harmful ingredients through our website and blog. We provide resources, recommendations and scientific findings based on most current research and literature in skin science and skin disease prevention.

At LEMYKA, we update our customers with the most current scientific findings from peer reviewed journals and highly regarded publications among scientific communities.  LEMYKA's products are developed based on such current research findings.  In addition, through our science topics and blogs, we continue to provide tips in managing eczema and any related topics.

Check our "Ingredients to Avoid list" to learn about the chemicals that may irritant skin and be potentially harmful to our body.  In addition, we provide some excellent resources that contain unbiased information regarding ingredient safety.

Cosmetic Ingredient Review Board (CIRB) - This is an organization comprised of seven CIR experts who are physicians and scientists that have been publicly nominated by consumer, scientific, and medical groups, government agencies and industry. They set priorities and review and assess ingredient safety data. 

Cosmeticinfo.org is an information web site that provides factual and scientific information on ingredients most commonly used in cosmetic and personal care products in the U.S. The Personal Care Products Council (the Council). Its member companies sponsor this website to provide consumers with easily accessible safety information on cosmetics and personal care products and to help consumers make informed purchases.