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Lemyka Skincare Solutions

Email us at: info@lemyka.com


Lemyka Skincare Solutions is a provider of premium natural and organic skincare products

ideal for sensitive & problematic skin

Free of Parabens, steroids, heavy metals, artificial fragrances/dyes

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Our Ingredients

At LEMYKA, we understand how important it is to use nourishing, gentle, and safe ingredients for babies and for those with eczema, problematic and sensitive skin. We screen through many ingredients, carefully considering the properties of each one and how it will effect the skin and our overall health, and only allowing ingredients that provide optimal effects in our formulas.  Furthermore, we avoid any ingredients that may lead to skin irritation. Please click here to read more about the ingredients to avoid.

At LEMYKA, we pride ourselves in only using safe and highly functional ingredients in our skincare products. Our unique formula offer deep hydration, instant relief and long-lasting benefits to sensitive and problematic skin.