Cleanse Your Skin, But Do It Gently!

In the shower your first instinct may be to scrub away at your skin, cleansing your body entirely of the dirt, grease and germs you have encountered throughout your day. We are here to tell you that with eczema, a shower is a part of the day that requires some consideration. We aren't telling you not to clean your skin, we just want you to do it gently.

Recommended for those with eczema, dry skin, or other skin conditions:

One shower a day (or perhaps every other day!): Sorry to break it to you, but if you have eczema and enjoy multiple showers, it's probably not the best for your skin. Showering (especially for too long) may dry out the skin (longer contact with water may deplete the valuable natural moisturizing factors from your skin) or lead to mild irritation (yes, water is a mild irritant!) So as much as water may feel great while you are in the shower or soaking in the bath, once you are out of the shower, your skin may feel drier than when you step in.

Warm, not hot: While hot showers are relaxing and sometimes preferred, hot water may cause eczema to flare up. Therefore, try taking a lukewarm shower, or even a cool shower, making it easier on your skin.

Go green and take short showers: Even if you're not doing this for the environment, short showers are better for your skin. As mentioned above, showers may feel great at the time, but they may actually dry out the skin.

Try using unscented cleanser or body wash, and read its ingredient list: This practice could be overwhelming since many ingredients in the ingredient list may seem rather foreign to you. We are here to help! Check our ingredients to avoid list. Most of the soaps are basic (alkaline) and could potentially irritate your skin especially for those with eczema, hives, allergic contact dermatitis or those with dry or sensitive skin. Don't be fooled if it is labeled as "organic soap". Whether the source is organic or not, the process of making soap does not alter, the end result is still an alkaline (basic) soap. The pH of our skin is slightly acidic. This may not be so important for those who do not have eczema, but if your baby or yourself suffer from chronic eczema, or other skin diseases, it's better to choose something that is truly mild and does not dry your skin even more!

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize: After a shower, it's important to lavishly moisturize your skin soon after you shower. To find out how to select the right moisturizer for you, please click here or read our previous blog post.

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