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Lemyka Skincare Solutions is a provider of premium natural and organic skincare products

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Back to School Eczema Tool-Kit

Back to school is stressful for any parent. You want to make sure your little darling has everything they need for the day. Do they have the right school supplies? Did they remember to take their lunch? If your child has eczema, you might ask questions, like ‘What if my child’s eczema flares up at school?

To make sure your child can manage their eczema at school, it helps to make an eczema tool-kit that they can leave in their backpack. Below is a list of some things to include in the tool-kit:

  • Handkerchief: Sweat can aggravate sensitive skin. Dampening a handkerchief and wiping sweaty areas can decrease the likelihood of an eczema flare-up.

  • If your little one is allergic to certain food that you know of, peanuts, food additives, or reacts to certain things when in contact with, such as hand soap, etc., make sure to write down in the list-to-avoid, and provide an alternative if possible.

  • A strong moisturizer that keeps your little one's skin hydrated throughout the day. Make sure to look for one that is gentle and free of harsh chemicals. Our recommendation is LeMyka hydrating cream (this powerful eczema cream intensively moisturizes skin and is 100% steroid free).

  • Spray Bottle: Misting affected areas with water can ease the severity of the itch.

  • How-To Note: If your child is younger, include a note explaining how to use each of the items in the tool-kit. That way, a teacher or another adult can help your child in the event of a flare-up.

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