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Lemyka Skincare Solutions is a provider of premium natural and organic skincare products

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How to Manage a Hairy Situation?

Growing up, my best friend had the most adorable dog named Scooter. Whenever I came to visit, Scooter would get super excited. He would pounce on me as soon as I entered the door, and after a few pats on the head, he would run around the house and circle back to me. Laughing, I watched him run to the living room, through the kitchen, past the bedrooms, and then back to me. After I was done playing with Scooter, my friends and I would go off and hang out. But no matter what, I would always go home covered in dog hair. Now, this was fine for me, but not so much for my little brother. The dog hair would cause my brother’s eczema to flare.

So, in order to minimize my brother’s risk of getting a rash, I would shower as soon as I got home. If I had brought a jacket to the house, it would go into the hamper (even if I hadn’t worn it). As a child, all of these precautions seemed a little tedious to me, but they soon became routine. Doing something as simple as showering and throwing my clothes in the hamper immediately after playing with a friend’s pets saved my brother from an annoying—and sometimes painful—rash.

If you have a furry or feathery pet and a child with eczema, there are still steps that will minimize the likelihood of skin irritation caused by pet dander. For example, try keeping your pet out of your child’s bedroom and off of sofas and chairs. In addition, vacuum and sweep frequently. After your child plays with your pet, make sure they bathe with a hypoallergenic wash. If you are unsure about what hypoallergenic wash to use, please give LeMyka's sulfate and paraben free Shampoo & Wash a try. It's plant based, mild, and fragrance free. These actions will greatly decrease the amount of pet dander your child with eczema is in contact with, and greatly reduce the chance of eczema flare up!

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