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Lemyka Skincare Solutions is a provider of premium natural and organic skincare products

ideal for sensitive & problematic skin

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How to manage baby facial eczema FAST?

Eczema rash on your little one's face can be so persistent. The bad part is that when baby scratches his or her face, the skin turns rough and raw. It is heart breaking to see your little one suffer. 1-2% hydrocortisone creams are often recommended by the pediatric dermatologist or immunologist. But several surveys showed that more than 50% parents prefer a more natural alternative than steroid-containing creams.

There are three kinds of over-the-counter topical products address facial eczema: balm (often contains petrolatum or other waxy material), creams, and lotions.

So which of the three would work? The answer is a bit more complex than you think.

Lotions are often water based. They feel light and can be quite easily absorbed, but many complains that they are not moisturizing enough.

As thick as a balm may be, it works just as the same way as petroleum jelly. Whether a balm is organic or not, it serves the same function as petrolatum - covers up skin and prevent water loss. However, when skin is damaged due to scratching, it becomes dry and rough. It needs a great moisturizer that actually contains water. Creams, especially thick creams would seem to be the best option then. However many creams on the market are thick and greasy. They offer temporary relief but skin still does not seem to get enough moisture it needs.

In addition to moisture, skin also needs to be calmed down when it is red and inflamed, therefore a good moisturizer needs to offer itch and irritation relief.

LEMYKA's natural eczema creams are created to intensively moisturize skin, repair skin barrier to fend off environment irritants, and soothe itching. LEMYKA multi-functional therapy creams are superior not only because they offer fast itching relief, but also they are 100% steroid free, so parents can apply these creams on their baby's face without worrying about any potential side effects.