LEMYKA Natural Therapeutic Comfort Cream


NATURAL, EFFECTIVE RELIEF FOR EVERYDAY ACHES, SORENESS, AND PAINS. Premium plant based natural and organic actives such as menthol, ginger concentrates, organic aloe vera, and vitamin E are combined to create an effective, comforting cream. Developed by Stanford researchers, this innovative formula is designed to deliver active ingredients quickly and deeply to ease discomfort and reduce inflammation due to sports injuries, strains, minor trauma, fall, cuts, or skin wounds.  LEMYKA comfort cream delivers maximum soothing and calming effect due to its powerful natural therapeutic actives.

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    Lemyka Skincare Solutions

    Email us at: info@lemyka.com


    Lemyka Skincare Solutions is a provider of premium natural and organic skincare products

    ideal for sensitive & problematic skin

    Free of Parabens, steroids, heavy metals, artificial fragrances/dyes

    100% Money Back Guarantee

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