Restore healthier looking skin based on science

When it comes to needing natural baby skin care, strong moisturizers for baby eczema, or other common skin problems, LEMYKA has the product you need.


Our focus:


     - Skin Hydration

     - Restore Skin Barrier

     - Calm Itchy Rashes/Skin Irritation



Skin hydration - We all know how important skin hydration is to eczema patients, but moisturizers on the market vary tremendously. Most petrolatum-based moisturizers prevent water loss but the products are often greasy and they do not replenish water to skin.


LEMYKA’s baby eczema creams are created based on LEMYKA's innovative formulation technologies and they intensively hydrate skin. LEMYKA baby creams help to restore skin barrier, and can keep skin soft and moistened for a very long time. LEMYKA skincare products are made of very mild and nourishing natural ingredients. They are steroid free, fragrance free, and paraben free. Simply apply the hypoallergenic cream before sleeping and it will replenish water to your baby's’ skin all night long. ​

Restore skin barrier - The skin barrier of a child with eczema does not function properly, the skin does not retain water as much as normal skin does; as a result, children with eczema tend to have dry or even cracked skin. When skin barrier is compromised, it gets infected more often which leads to redness, irritation and itching.  Scratching will worsen the skin condition and leads to even more irritation or infection.  It becomes a vicious cycle. Restore skin barrier is crucially important for anyone with eczema.  LEMYKA team focus on this important factor. By replenishing skin's natural lipids and water, LEMYKA baby eczema creams help skin to re-balance itself, restore the damaged barrier.

Calm itch rashes/skin irritation -  We have gone through stringent selection process to identify natural ingredients that help to soothe irritated and itchy skin.  Our natural baby calming cream is specially designed  for babies, young children, even infants with eczema or skin rashes. It softens dried and cracked skin, calms skin irritation, and helps your baby get through the night without frequent scratching!

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