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This is the best Eczema defense cream i have used. Since almost a year my 5 year old has been suffering from eczema all over his back. I tried what not ...pretty much everything available in market including those with steroids. The ones with steroids brought down the itchyness and dry spots but only as long as i was using it. When i stopped putting that on my son the flare would come back. With LeMyka eczema cream, it took a few days for the flare to clear up , but once it cleared , it didntcome back I am now back to using the daily hydrating lotion on him. The silver lining is - this is a .steroid free cream. Awesome isn't it?!


I used the same cream for dry patches on my face and it disapeared as well. I use it daily only on face for now as my facial skin is way too dry . Love this product for sure.


My baby girl had eczema since she was just a few months old. She had REALLY dry skin and it seemed to only get worse. She had dry and red patches on her face. We put mittens over her hands but she always managed to find ways to scratch.  Her pediatrician suggested hydrocortisone and lots of moisturizer! Boy we've tried just about everything.  After over a year of many sleepless nights, hydrocortisone and jars of moisturizer, we saw no improvement.  The itchy area spread to her neck, arms and her back.

A family friend told us about LeMyka creams from LeMyka Skincare. Honestly I've never heard of the company before but bought their calming cream online only out of desperation. To my surprise, my daughter's skin started to improve. I emailed them and asked about whether I could apply it to the scratched area where it bled, and got a detailed response back within a day. It's steroid free and natural! I applied the cream on my daughter daily. It's amazing how moisturizing and healing it is and yet it doesn't feel greasy. She scratched less and less. I'd say after about 6months, when my parents came in town to visit, they couldn't even tell that there were scratches on my baby's face before!

I exchanged a few emails with one of LeMyka's founders and got great tips from her. What I'm impressed with this company is that they are sincerely trying to help kids with eczema and not just selling products.  A good company with great products and support.

Dana W.

It is about four months ago, my right hand point finger and left hand palm skin started itchy, I scratch them all days and situation gets worse. Then, I went to drug store bought some lotion and skin protection gel, use as much as I could everyday. After one month nothing improved but getting worse and worse.

Until one day my wife brought a LeMyka back from a good friend. I started using it and the situation improved a little bit everyday. Now, i can see the situation is under controlled and getting better. Thanks LeMyka 


I have eczema for long time ever since I can remember.
It always appear on my hands and it has cuts, irritating itchiness, and it's very dry.
I've tried so many brands that says "Dermatologist Recommended" but it didn't really help me.
I was so lucky to meet this product from LeMyka and use this Daily Hydrating Cream.
The cream itself doesn't look like it's moisture enough because it's not heavy sticky cream.
But I think that's the trick, heavy greasy doesn't always hydrate your skin.
This hydrating cream really goes deep down into my skin and gives moisture from inside, so even I don't feel like I apply, but I can see it's hydrated in deep down.

This doesn't have steroid, so it doesn't work like a magic to fix your skin, it does take time until you really know it's working. But it's worth the wait and just keep applying because this doesn't harm anything to your skin.
Now that I love this product, I'm going to try out other product from LeMyka to see if it works more!

T. Motoyama

Since my kid was 7-8 months old, he developed eczema on his face and body. He's been using doctor-subscribed steroid and moisturizing cream to ease the itches. But it didn't stop the symptom right away and the some skin patches get pigmentation. Now at age of 6 yr. old, the eczema still comes back every year during spring season. I just found this product and tried it out. During the first 2 days when I waited for the product, my kid was scratching hard and started bleeding. After I applied the LeMyka eczema flare defense calming cream to his back and legs at night, he had a good sleep. The next day he didn't feel itchy and I still applied the cream in the morning. My kid's skin condition is getting better. When he stops scratching, the skin starts to get healed. So the product looks really working and since it's steroid-free, I hope the skin won't have pigmentation issue. Besides eczema cream, I still applied CeraVe Moisturing cream, 16oz to give skin more moisture. 


My son's face was very dry and appeared reddish and had bumps on his cheek and forehead.  I didn't want to apply any unknown cream on him but only washed his face with water, until my friend recommended this cream to me.  Amazingly, within less than a week, the reddish and bumps were all gone. Now not only I apply this cream on my son's face but I use it for myself too.  I am very happy with this product. 


I have been very happy with the Daily Hydrating Cream. As a middle aged woman with rosacea, my skin can be dry and irritated at times. I find that the hydrating cream allows my skin to retain moisture without feeling heavy or oily. Additionally, the redness I experienced with rosacea has disappeared and my skin feels so much less irritated. I have tried many other skin creams for rosacea, but find that LeMyka is the most effective. I love this product!! 


I have been using the Natural Eye Serum for the past eight months and the product is remarkable.  It comes out of the pump and you can feel it's soft rich consistency, as you apply it to the eyes, you feel a smoothness about it.  Pat it on, and it absorbs quickly.  I also use it above my lip, and in between my eyes.  When you wake up in the morning, the area around your eyes is still moist! Ladies, forget about " diamonds being a girl's best friend ", this product will become your face's new best friend!!!! 


After being lazy for putting sunscreen on my face day after day for about 3 years, my skin becomes very sensitive. I tried many different brand of expensive skin care products from department store, the situation had not been improved until I met LeMyka Facial Day Time Moisturizer. The moisturizer is creamy and works perfectly on my face. It calm my irritated skin and give me the natural radiance to bright my face. I really happy that I finally find the right skin care for myself. The moisturizer leaves my face feeling soft and smooth all day long.


I am so lucky to know these good products to help my girls and my husband 's skin problem (eczema. After they suffer so many years, everything is getting better and better now. I feel release.

Beside these bottles of lotion to help eczema symptom , I would like to talk about their daily skin care products,cleanser,day cream ,night cream and sunscreen. Although I don't have eczema, my skin type is so sensitive. I also am allergic to the sun. For the good weather and full of sun in CA, I should enjoy it, but my skin itches everyday after exposure under the sun. I try so many brands of sunscreen, nothing really works for me . Some even make me feel unbreathable.The first time I try  this all nature sunscreen ,my skin didn't feel itching .Wow! I thought that maybe just a luck! Then for using many times continually, it is really works. So I give it to my sisters who has same problem us me,they all response very will. Now I let my 2girls use  it everyday and they never complain about to put sunscreen on their skin anymore . Also the skin tone color sunscreen make my face looking good just like wear make up
Start from there, I know I find the right products for me to take care of my skin. Cleanser,no tightness after wash face and feel soft.
Day and night cream ,simply just using after skin dry from wash ,spread only thing layers .you don't need to use toner or layers of something. You will keep your face so moister all day.

For healthy, for simplcity, for your budget , I strongly recommend you try these products.


My daughter's eczema flared up every day since she was 3 yo. Her pediatrician's recommendations are to apply hydrocordizone on a daily basis even if there is no flare-up and give her Benadryl before she sleeps so she won't scratch. After following the pediatrician's recommendations for a year, the eczema was still poorly controlled. And as a parent, I felt so guilty giving my daughter steroids and drug every day. Erk!!!! I am so lucky her teacher recommended this product to us. We use the hydrating cream twice/day and is getting good results. The Eczema Flare Defense Natural Calming cream works well for flare up areas. My daughter is almost 5 and no longer scratches. Her flare ups have significantly improved. Bye Bye steroids and Benadryl! Thank you, LeMyka!


My daughters are looking more beautiful  than ever thanks to your skincare products. My older daughter's face  looks nice and bright and the younger one's face is clear of breakouts..  For myself I love how it feels and looks! It is clearing up the dark  spots around my eyes little by little 


I have been using LeMyka's cleanser and day time moisturizer for the past 3 months. I have super oily skin and acne prone skin. Since my face gets oily easily, I tend to wash my face 3 times a days which dry out my skin so badly too. I decided to use LeMyka cleanser because it does what it says. It's really really gentle to my skin. It is so gentle that I also wash around my eyes and I don't get irritated. Sometimes my acne bursted and left wound on my face, guess what, I wash my face and use the moisturizer, I don't feel any burn or irritation. Another big reason is, LeMyka's products are paraben free and not contains harsh ingredients that are bad to my skin. I feel safe to use it all the time. 

Yong Yee

LeMyka products have really helped my skin. I have a pretty extreme case of eczma on my neck, arms and behind the knees. For 18 years, I have tried many products, and LeMyka has been the only product to improve my condition. Since starting to use LeMyka, I have seen significant improvement, and on some days, it is even unnoticeable and not bothersome. I would not use any other product after using this. It is all natural, with no steroids and improves the condition of the skin instead of just masking it. I give great thanks to the maker of this product.

Rory P.

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