It was a birthday party, all of the sudden children quickly surrounded the table where the cake with four little candles was placed. Everyone was given a slice of yummy cake in front of us, except for one youngster, and that youngster was my nephew. He was quietly standing in the corner, admiring the rest of the group enjoying the sweet treat. He knew to say no to this temptation because if he ate a piece of cake he would be suffering later. My nephew had severe eczema and was allergic to many foods, including sweets. The allergic reaction caused unbearable itching that led to him be constantly scratching. Most of the time, my sister and brother-in-law could not even get a full night’s sleep.

At the time, I was working for pharmaceutical companies after getting my Ph.D. in Chemistry from Stanford. I offered to help the best I could, by introducing pediatricians, immunologists, and pediatric immunologists to them. They visited many doctors, and my nephew was tested for allergens. He was prescribed several creams; then things would improve temporarily but they never seem to last long. The scratching had led to the rupture of skin and constant bleeding. Despite near constant moisturizer use, his skin was as rough as sandpaper. My sister told me that getting up a dozen times per night to apply creams to his skin had become an unbearable routine for her. After using steroid-based creams for years, several areas of his skin became very thin and highly sensitive. His bones seemed to be getting more brittle as time went on and within two years, he had three bone fractures.

I could no longer sit still on the sidelines; why wasn’t my nephew's conditions improving? How is it that eczema can be so persistent? Thus, I started exploring online and reading research papers. It turns out that eczema affects about 20-30% of our children and up to 7% adults in the U.S. Eczema is also very common in European and Asian countries; one study stated that the occurrence of eczema in the UK is on the rise. In the span of fifteen years, the number of children diagnosed with eczema has grown by up to 40-100% in some areas.

My initial determination to help my nephew, turned into a more in-depth personal research mission for me as time went by. Years later, with the help of several of my colleagues, Lemyka, with several steroid-free topical skincare solutions was born.

It has been seven years since I started this journey. Many people from all of the world have shared with me their stories of fighting eczema for themselves and their children. I am inspired by the determination of parents and eczema sufferers. Over the years Lemyka’s team have worked closely together and carefully to listen to each individual customer's needs. We have further improved our technology now create customize skincare solutions for specific customers with special needs.

Looking back, what really makes me ever so proud is the positive changes that I and our team have been able to bring to the improving the lives of many kids and adults suffering from eczema and other tough-to-treat skin conditions. Many parents have called Lemyka skincare product a life-saver. The road to an eczema cure is long and arduous, but one thing I know for sure is that: I and our team will never stop trying to find the best solution. I and the Lemyka team have expanded our mission to continue to work further to help children in need all around the world, providing them with the purest and safest natural skincare products, one smiling face at a time.


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